Alternative Living: How To Build Your Own Tiny House Or Natural Straw Bale Eco Home

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Tiny Houses and Natural Eco-homes Tiny Houses and Eco-homes are special and magical. They appeal to the inner-child in everyone. They are well loved on social media and alternative housing is now a massive worldwide movement. Many more people worldwide have got fed up of their housing situation and are building their own homes. 

Alternative Housing MethodsI'm promoting Tiny House Building and Straw Bale House Building with Dan Louche and Andrew Morrison here, and there's lots of different ways you can learn to do it with them. 
But some other examples of Alternative Building Techniques that we use now are: 
Earth ships
Cob houses
Bamboo buildings
Adobe buildings
Rammed earth
Poured earth
Earth bags
Passive solar design
Building with recycled materials.

Some other examples of Alternative Living Arrangements a…