Top 3 Coolest Ways To Celebrate Summer Solstice!

Summer Solstice is the time to give thanks for the sun. Solstice means 'sun stands still' because it's the moment when it stops at its full force and is about to grow weaker again, as the days get darker, shorter and colder into winter, but it will come back! We need the moon too, but we know how important the light is. Sunshine is the active life force, that makes everything grow.

In ancient times, lots of people worshipped the sun as one of the Gods, or as the one God. There's no doubt that lots of us feel an energetic or spiritual shift at the Solstices.
Lying in the sun gives you a feeling of well-being and puts you in a natural meditative state. Sunshine activates the production and absorption of vitamin D in the body which makes you feel happy, and a lot of people get more depressed in the winter without sunshine Maybe it's having more challenges with the weather and having Christmas and Winter Solstice at the same time too. But all these things go together!…

Go And See Tony Robbins Live Yourself This Year!

I'm very proud to be a Tony Robbins affiliate! Everyone knows who Tony Robbins is and most everyone would love to go and see him live. Whether it's health, wealth or relationships Tony Robbins is a master at helping people have the happiness and success they really want in their lives!
Whether you are a corporate leader, a business owner, someone in the arts or sports, or someone who just wants to understand themselves better and have real, new control over your direction, and the time of your life. Maybe you know you are ready, and it's no coincidence that you're reading this now.

In this post, I'm going to show the Tony Robbins Live Events Schedule For 2017! Click on the links to go straight there if you want to! and also Tony's newest Book, Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook, but you can see whatever you want on the site. I'll have a payment for anything you buy from after going through my links here and it makes no difference …

We're here, WE KNIT! Get used to it! How To Become a Guerilla Knitter

I bet you've already heard of Yarn Bombing?! Also called Guerilla Knitting! Or Granny Graffiti! Well if not, you have now! See the Wikipedia Definition here! You can see what they do from the pictures! Except it's not just 'grannies'! It's all gorgeous people of any age! Creative Pride.  Yarn bombing has become a lovely funny form of social protest in recent years all ALL OVER THE WORLD.

They do it in towns and cities, but even in the natural environment. Rather than angry, pessimistic, or even 'peaceful', it's a surreal and friendly, cute and funny mind-check against over-seriousness, sameness and passionless and heartless order. It's not permanent and a lot of the time, they even get proper permission first, and do it for a charity or community event!
A Crafty and Creative Movement.Apart from wanting to keep it kind and natural, the sustainable living movement wants to revive creativity and handmade and traditional crafts, because then anyone in th…

Happy Earth Day!: Diary of an Eco-spiritual-preneur: Part Whatever.

Hippy Earth Day!
This is so cool! It's David Suzuki's Earth Day Speech! He's talking about how far we've come, since Earth Day was started in 1970!
There's some EXTRA COOL ideas in this post! A lot of stuff relating to Earth Day and I'm talking about where I'm up to with things too! New Website Yeah so, I didthis thing hereand I've nearly finished my NewWebsite!...YAAY!!

...But I'm going to carry on using Blogger instead!..NAAAY!?
Wix is cool, but it's not the right bag at the moment. They've added some themes for bloggers, but it's no good for bloggers who use write a lot or who use affiliate marketing links, because they don't have the ability to use rel='no follow'.

Rel='no follow' is a search engine optimization (SEO) thing you add to your links to tell the search engines your link is related to what you're doing, but not to make a proper link between your site and theirs. If you don't have that your site will be…
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