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HAPPY EARTH DAY 2018! Check out my EARTH DAY POST! This is about Masterclass opportunity to do unique online classes with people who are a genius in their field.I love learning new things. Do you? There's practical things you need to learn how to do, so that you can keep up with the world,

Sometimes that's OK because you've got your own end achievement in mind, but it makes all the difference when it's something I really enjoy.

Sometimes you can get to a place where all your possible choices are no good, and though it might seem counter-intuitive, that's the time to reject them all and go for something bigger altogether.

I love that feeling of being inspired and there's loads of brilliant, passionate people in the world who want to help and pass on what they know.
What would you really love to do? Be a writer, an actor, an amazing cook or fashion designer? Or do you want to sharpen up some of your skills and learn with the best? Check out Masterclass!
Doing What You…

Elephant Art: Get A Painting Made By An Elephant

Happy Earth Day! Check out my Earth Day Post here!
Check out Jane Goodall's Masterclass including A FREE LESSON for EARTH DAY WEEK here! Do you like elephants? We're looking after them better now aren't we. Watch this lovely short film to find out about how special and intelligent elephants are.
TED-Ed Originals: 'Why Elephants Never Forget' - Alex Gendler
Elephants are still endangered and mistreated, but things have really changed for the better now too and there are now many inspiring elephant sanctuaries, orphanages and rehabilitation centers throughout Asia and Africa.
Teaching elephants to paint is one of the better ways people have used in to make money from elephants in recent years, and it is usually in order to fund elephant sanctuaries, where elephants who have been mistreated or abandoned can stay and be rehabilitated and have a happy life. 

When elephants ability to be trained to paint was first discovered, it was a godsend, because it was such a good way to…