How To Be Hippy? Or Happy? All of us? - Conscious Consumerism.

Hello Hippies, Conscious Consumers And Everyone Else! Thanks For Being Here!

What Is A Modern Hippy?                                               

How To Be Hippy, Conscious ConsumerismI think it’s anyone with a clever mind and a fierce heart, a conscious consumer, in many ways, who designs their life from a place of natural human integrity.

What Is Conscious Consumerism?

My aim is to promote conscious consumerism and other hippy practices . I’m sure you know what it is. It's the conscious decision to only deal with, and consume things that benefit ourselves and everyone, whether it’s food or thoughts. Hippies like natural things, kindness and authenticity. They know the effect we have on each other, they live from the heart and they don’t get sucked into stupidness and ridiculousness, however prevalent it is.

Look How Conscious Consumerism Has Grown.

You can see the rise of conscious consumerism everywhere. It’s continued to rise where other markets have failed. The very fact that there’s an economic and environmental crisis means people have turned to recycling, upcycling and buying preloved, growing their own food and building their own homes. We can’t ignore each other’s needs anymore, the economic crisis has grown our hearts. 

Hippies Are Almost Normal!

Every supermarket has wholefoods, organic, gluten free, Fairtrade, vegetarian and vegan foods; Recycling isn’t an annoying hippy thing now, it’s government endorsed; Natural health and holistic therapies are now accepted and promoted by the medical establishment. Most people are a bit of a hippy now, even if they're just a bit into yoga.

What Is the Difference Between 'Hippiness' and 'Happiness'?

Every life contains pain and struggle, and the purpose or the goal of every life is happiness. We understand that everything we do affects everything else. Even in biological ways, no one and nothing is separate from anyone, or anything else. Hippies, or conscious people, realize that they have to develop themselves through their experiences, and put their life to use, by making a contribution to other people and the world while they're alive. 

Love Fixes Everything.                                  

How To Be Hippy, Conscious ConsumerismConscious consumerism, and conscious capitalism is the only thing that will save the economic and environmental crises everywhere. It’ll just solve everything. After love and thoughts, money is the most powerful thing on earth. If all of us put our love and thoughts in the right place – on the money – it’ll be Ok.

Until now, we've led each other to believe there was only two ways of being – for yourself (selfish) or for others (kind) – we get what we want for ourselves in our own lives and then either through guilt or kindness, ‘give’ to others, but love has no extremes. We know there there is no separation and no difference between loving ourselves and the rest of the world. We can have both, by empowering each other and supporting ethical, positive and small businesses who actually offer the healthy, positive, beneficial things you and the economy need. Sorry to be cheesy but all you need is love and love is all you need!

What's This chick Doing Here? What's The Point Of Her Existence?

I am building my business based around the commissions I receive from the products I promote whenever you click links or buy products. 

What makes this site different is, I am not just suggesting ideas from one area, like health or green products, but from all areas. Because I am not responsible for dealing with the products myself, I have been able to partner with all of the best superhippy superstores in every area as well as small business community marketplace websites. Also, I have also partnered singly with the most well respected and established companies in all these areas and some special surprises. 

I’m still putting this together. But whatever you are looking for, whether you're interested in one or multiple areas I'll have them here. Have a look round. Thank you.
Love and Peace.
How To Be Hippy, Conscious Consumerism


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