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Why We Need To Encourage Individual Expression                                                                                         

Handmade Arts and Crafts
Creativity is an essential hippy thing because is so integral to emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Too much emphasis on the logical and 'technical' causes stress. Emotions are our life force and spiritual channel. Left brainism has permeated our collective psychology so that creative, expressive people are undervalued. Some artists and creatives will make it big only with support and it's often at the expense of their true expression. 

 A Healthier Economy

The economy needs more healthy small businesses. There’s a common argument for supporting the big business 'throw away' industry involving workers from poor countries, that is, that it gives poor people jobs, like it's a practical answer to the idea, the 'fact' that we all need to scrabble and fight to survive and that's just the way it is, but it's not like that for everyone! I would say that is an excuse and a patch up job that just gives room for more and more negativity. Real art and craftsmanship is done away with in favor of money, and it doesn't address the cause, the problem of poverty or the environmental problems this kind of industry creates, in any way.

Healthier People

Politically, and socially, this kind of cold, logical 'machine' philosophy has also given further rise to an ostensibly apathetic, but actually, sick excuse and license, to further undermine and exploit anyone poor, or anyone we can, anywhere, and the animals, and the planet, and say it's not our fault.

Some things aren't logical! And it's possible to be shining your logic on the wrong things. Not everybody's the same! But we're the same at heart. And often the more logical you get, the more ridiculous and further away from the truth you get.

Handmade Arts and CraftsIt's not a competition. We know we can do better. It's no good to be constrained by criticism or lack of money. Loving support and appreciation of each other as human beings, and paying people respectful wages will get things back into a more human and sensible balance for everyone.

We need Art, it's our natural collective soul. Art is like a dream, waking us up to a deeper reality. This shift in consciousness has sparked, in so many ways, the most stunning and profound shift in collective creativity. We don't care about pedantic left brain criticism and lack of money any more. And there's so much more love and support from people who feel the same.

I've got some mind blowingly cool, ingenious, lovely and inspired artists' work here and I’ll share some creative ideas too, You Tube videos and other people's posts. I don't make all these things myself, but I hope maybe because I'm inspired to have my own business and believe in small businesses, it could inspire some other people to start one of their own.   

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