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💖 Get HeartMath U.S. INNER BALANCE For APPLE And ANDROID Here! 💖
Plus U.S. FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $49! 
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Post Update: I wrote this ages ago. Now, as well as HeartMath U.K. I'm also with HeartMath.com in America So you can buy things from there too now if it's easier. I only have one link for HeartMath UK, but I can send you to specific places on the site with HeartMath.com. You can also click on any of the images to see it.

Click this highlighted link here to see HeartMath's MAIN PRODUCTS emWave and Inner Balance. 

Maybe you would like to take one of their programs or even become a Trained HeartMath COACH! 

You can check out all Heartmath.com's Training Programs for Practitioners and Coaches by clicking here.
Here you can buy one of the HeartMath Books! and Click here for their Products to help Children and Teenagers! 

You can listen to any of the HeartMath Webinars instantly at the bottom of the pages too! I've done some of them and they're really cool! 
Watch the videos below!

This video below is about how to use the HeartMath Inner Balance App for iPhone and iPad! but now they also have it for Android too! 
There's another lovely video below about why we need The HeartMath Solution!

HeartMath U.K.

Maybe you've already heard of HeartMath or The HeartMath Institute. HeartMath is a global leader in research involving the Heart-Mind Connection and its relationship with stress.  

The HeartMath Solution involves natural mental/emotional thinking tools, which they offer free, and also electronic tools which they developed called Inner Balance and emWave which help you monitor and regulate your own brain waves and heart rate, whilst simultaneously practicing mental exercises that cause positive emotions. 

HeartMath also offer loads of cool books about their method, tools for stress in children, and also Training Courses for you to earn a living as a Certified HeartMath Training Coach!                                            

HeartMath Is Lovely!

I'm trained in some holistic therapies and I've often thought how much easier and more simple emWave and Inner Balance are! 
I think it's a brilliant idea and HeartMath is lovely. 
Imagine how much good their methods could do in workplaces and schools! 

Watch this really beautiful video! 

Here are the links again HeartMath U.K. and HeartMath U.S. 

If you're spending a lot and you're not in those countries, check the shipping first.
I know you will give it a try if you know it's what you need. 

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