Natural Health

The current predominant medical model in the world, started in the west is called 'the Biomedical model'. Believe it or not, and when you think about it, this model of treatment for illness, i.e. treating or managing the symptoms with expensive tablets and vaccines, has only been around since the 19th century!                                                                                                                                                                  
Natural Health

Yes, we have to try out ideas, it's evolution, but we know that part of learning is when we do things but then realise they were a mistake. 

We are a product of nature. All natural systems evolve, but to do so they will go through problem stages they have to overcome. In natural and holistic healing, illness is thought of as a reaction to the intake of unhealthy external energy leading to unhealthy physical, psychological or emotional imbalance.

If illness was caused by stress, how is the system we have now going to help? We really think there is, but there's actually nothing wrong with anyone. It's the system, our own, and the collective psychology that's wrong.
Natural Health

Nature and human nature has all the natural vibrational energy we need to cure any illness. Illnesses can also be healed through a commitment to natural healthy living and natural foods; the movement and the manipulation of subtle, vibrational energies; the energy of positive thought, and the changes of mind which come through self development; and with the help of a healer, through the loving power of their intention. All Jesus did was tell people they were fine. He was so powerful and kind, they believed him. It doesn't matter what you believe in. It's about Faith itself. And that's what I think he was really trying to say.

What else can I say! I'm sure you know all this. I could go on! I want you to have a look at the stuff anyway. I've got some gorgeous healthy hippy products and resources to show you. I know you'll luv em :)

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