Personal Development

We are here to grow, expand and evolve. Every thought we have is passed on, ultimately into the collective consciousness, through emotional energy, body language, our actions and our words. We do need other people to help us sometimes. Sharing thoughts and feelings is an important part of all healthy relationships, but it’s important to strike a balance and not unnecessarily pass negativity onto others, who may not be best placed to help. In order really to love and honor ourselves and each other we are responsible for our own personal happiness and evolution.

Personal Development
It's our nature and purpose to reach for happiness and the light, but pain and darkness are just as much a necessary part of that process of growth. We can learn just by living, but then it’s common for us to continue repeating the same cycles of behaviors before we do, which can be very painful.

Personal development techniques help us miss out some of pain, and speed up the enlightenment process because they help eliminate negative ways of being and thinking, often through means of repetition.

Personal Development is the most important contribution

Conscious and active self development means we we learn and grow quicker with less suffering. Self development is an act of both self love and and universal love. I believe it’s a part of modern spiritual growth and practice. At the heart of very religion is love and balanced, positive thinking. Modern self development is a synthesis of the greatest, most significant elements of both ancient and modern systems of higher knowledge and collective wisdom.

Personal Development
I make sure I do some sort of personal development every day. I am very far from perfect, but I know how important personal development is and how much it's helped me to grow. 
I'll show you some of the best ideas I’ve found, things I very much appreciate and respect because I have used them myself or similar techniques in my own experience. I hope you like them too!

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