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Portable Solar CookerThis Is Go Sun Stove It's one of those things that can do so much for humanity, it's for cooking outside with solar power, no fuel at all involved, just sunshine, and it's so simple and easy, all we need is a bit of focus.">
The Go Sun Stove was invented by solar energy and off grid living expert, Patrick Sherwin, who thought of a cool way to reheat his lunch using the solar water heating tubes he had been working with all day. Necessity is the mother of invention! We know that one now don't we! All you do is put the food cut up into a tube surrounded by solar energy panels and it takes 10-20 minutes to cook. 
Sustainable Living

Go Sun Global Social Enterprise                    

                                                                                                       The company now also has a social enterprise initiative called Go Sun Global which aims to use the product in terms of it's business potential to change lives and ecosystems as a fuel-less resource for people who need it much more than we do, in the developing world.

Anyway, you might want to get yourself one, check the ovens out, what d'you think? a little one for working/playing outdoors, parties, travelling, camping or something? Or pass the idea on! They have great big massive ones as well, Commercial Scale Ovens that cost $3,000 ! There's a video about that there, click the links and have a look. Get them to go through my link though! :) I love you.  
Portable Solar Cooker

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