Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living is what this whole thing is about.Sustainable means that it can be sustained through renewal and kept reproducing rather than being wasted. The term can be applied to any context of healthy, prosperous and balanced living including the management of money and our relationships with others because it is about getting the most from the thing itself, involving the practical, knowledgeable, skillful use and reuse of resources.                                                
How To Be Hippy, Conscious Consumerism, Sustainable LivingIn general we use the term ‘sustainable living’ today to mean the respectful use and management of natural resources, use of ecologically harmonious products, natural building techniques and the practical, natural procurement of food.It covers a lot of areas including re and upcycling, permaculture, organic food, renewable energy, tiny house building, survivalism and general everyday green living.

How To Be Hippy, Conscious Consumerism, Sustainable Living
Sustainable living is in harmony with who we are and where we live. 
In a spiritual context it's cyclical, natural, spiritual or karmic law - Nothing is ever created or destroyed, Water can be polluted but it never goes away, it goes up into the clouds and comes down again to water the plants. 

How To Be Hippy, Conscious Consumerism, Sustainable LivingI know you know what I mean. It's a big area, and I'm not as good with this side of it, I'm a woman and I need to write a short introduction to my blog! 

I'll have the coolest, superhippiest, most gorgeous products and resources here anyway! I hope you think so too. See what you like. Thank you.

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