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Most hippies know a bit of yoga. 
Good to do every day or when you're stressed. 

Of course, yoga can really revolutionize your life on every level.

I've got some really cool ideas to show you from four interesting yoga companies, whether you already practice yoga, or are interested in starting, and even if you're a yoga teacher.                                     


Bean Products is a lovely, cozy comforting website that sells all eco-friendly yoga, fitness and meditation products, lots of beans using materials like organic cotton, hemp and buckwheat.

They also sell Body Pillows, maybe for anyone with physical discomfort, Maternity Pillows, Real ECO-FRIENDLY AND ORGANIC HOUSE FURNITURE! which is excellent for people with allergies, or just for anyone! 

Bean Products sell Yoga and Pilates DVD's and Meditative Art too.  

YOGA DOWNLOAD                  

If you're interested in doing some online yoga at home, you might want to have a look at Yoga Download!                                                           

Yoga Download provide online yoga classes and courses as well as some in Pilates and Meditation.

There's all different Yoga Styles too and cool and interesting teachers, like these in the picture, 'Outlaw Yoga!' 

Yoga Download have tons of FREE CLASSES to start you off and spark your interest. They're really well done.

If you want to become a Yoga Instructor! Or advance your training, Yoga Downloads
Yoga Teacher Training Courses are excellent!
Have a look! 

One of the very best things at Yoga Download is the Online Yoga for Kids! It's lovely. Click and see! You can do it with them or let them play!

There's no doubt that it's a really good thing for kids to watch it and do yoga together!

Can you imagine? "Where's the kids?" "Oh no worries! They're in the other room, doing advanced yoga!" That would balance your chakras too! 

If any of that sounds good to you make a FREE account at Yoga Download and see if you like it! 
Also, if you think online yoga classes would make a cool present, you can buy a Yoga Download Gift Certificate by clicking here!

GAIA YOGA                                                         

I've talked about Gaia Conscious Media Website in my post here about Alternative Media Films.

Well Gaia has a whole big part of what it does just devoted to yogaYou can take practical classes in Yoga and Meditation, as well as Pilates and Fitness, or they also have cool documentaries about the theory and history of yoga and meditation to watch too!


Gaiam is another amazing yoga website! Gaiam is completely devoted to yoga training products. (Yes, Gaiam is related to Gaia!). 

They don't do very many eco-friendly products now, like Bean Products, but their products are extra-specially good and gorgeous. 

The really special thing about Gaiam is the products they provide related to healthy posturewhich they are very well-known for. Click here to see them all. Including Active Sitting Balance Balls, Balance Discs and Balance Ball Chairs and Active Standing Boards, Mats and Pads.

Check out Gaiam's reversible yoga mats and their GORGEOUS KIDS SECTION! You can buy Gaiam Gift Certificates too!
If you're into yoga, a yoga teacher, or newly interested in it, these are my coolest ideas. These are either the best, or some of the very best yoga sites going.



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