Eartheasy Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids

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This is about Eartheasy's lovely eco-friendly gifts for kids.
I haven't got any kids of my own, but I've looked after other people's and I know it's hard not to give in to what they 'know' they want. It's not being too bossy, it's protective. There's some weird, stressful toys and games, that also cost a lot, they're really addictive too so it's ongoing. 

People wanting to make money know that kids are easily influenced, especially by each other. You can always do what seems right to you as their parent, and kids really feel better when they know where they stand. I know you already hippies know that!

Who cares if we're not perfect. We can do whatever's possible, and what I'm doing is for people who are thinking that way themselves anyway. We all know that a lot of the time kids really have more fun with simple toys that are good for them. I've seen that myself, in action, loads of times.

Look at these toys from Eartheasy! They're so lovely, positive, eco-friendly and fair trade as well! It's put me in a cute mood looking at them. You can buy you kids gifts from Eartheasy here, but I'm going to tell you more about TWO OF THE COOLEST! The Little Sun Solar Lamp! and The Water Garden!

The Little Sun Solar Lamp

This is The Little Sun Solar Lamp $32.95! Kids would never get bored with it! They can find loads of imaginative ways to have fun with it, or it can be used for safety, camping or as a night light. Obviously it's not just for kids! It's a really versatile thing that makes a great present. Check out the video! Buy one $32.95 here!                         

Little Sun Solar Lamp is a solar LED light sustainable light source to take anywhere, containing the worlds most efficient solar cell,
It has a 1 year warranty, removable strap to hang anywhere, and 3 rechargeable batteries (included!). Little Sun has received massive worldwide recognition for multiple reasons.

Every Purchase Makes an Impact

When you buy a Little Sun Solar Lamp, you not only receive a high-quality solar-powered lamp – but you also have a global impact.
Little Sun profits help provide affordable solar lamps to some of the 1.6 billion people in the world living 'off grid ' with no electricity, and by also delivering business starter kits and micro-entrepreneurial training to local off-grid entrepreneurs, Little Sun builds up sustainable structures which generate local profits, create local jobs, and reduce the substantial environmental impact and costs associated with using kerosene lamps. Buy a Little Sun Solar Lamp for someone who would love it here $32.95!

Little Sun Solar Lamp Charging and Use!

To charge it, place your Little Sun lamp in the sun with its solar panel facing upwards. Charging the lamp for a minimum of 5 hours in the sun produces 10 hours of soft light or 4 hours of bright light. 
Press the white button once for soft light, twice for bright light, or a third time to turn the lamp off. Little Sun takes longer to reach full charge when it's overcast.

If YOU want something LIKE the the Little Sun FOR YOURSELF, for camping and self-reliance, that is cheaper, and a bit more practical and plain looking, you should get a Luminaid Packlite Spectra Solar Lantern Incredibly cool and useful. This is a picture of it on the right! It's really cool and it's only $19.95! Have a look at it now and order one for yourself. 

This is really cool, and unique, and special too! Most kids would love it and find it really interesting... 

The Water Garden

The Aquaponics 'Water Garden'! $99.95! is a SELF-CLEANING Fish Tank, with a PET FISH in it, THAT GROWS ORGANIC SPROUTS and HERBS itself ON THE TOP! 
Aquaponics is an an ancient sustainable method of farming that combines aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in nutrient-rich water)! Click here to learn to do Aquaponics!

The Water Garden is its own mini sustainable ecosystem! The fish's waste is being broken down into nutrients and feeding the plants, and the plants are cleaning the water, so you don't have to.

You DO have to feed the fish! But free fish food comes with it! As Well As A FREE COUPON for a Betta Fish! which is a Siamese Fighting Fish! 
But if you get a Betta Fish it's betta if you get only one! Because they THEY FIGHT LIKE A GANGSTA! 

So don't think that fish can't do stuff!!
The new Water Garden also comes with a SILENT water pump, gravel, grow stones, natural fertilizer, organic wheatgrass and radish sprout seeds, and free access to accompanying STEM educational curriculum for kids aged 8-15! So they can learn about the science going on inside their fish tank and the history and benefits of Aquaponics! Get your kids a stunning Water Garden and everything that comes with it here for $99.95! 

So don't buy them if you live anywhere else!

BUT IF YOU ARE IN THE U.K. (UNITED KINGDOM)! Ethical Superstore's Kids Toys are just as gorgeous and inspiring! Here's some of them below! If you are a hippy/greeny living in the UK, Click through now and start getting your gifts and shopping at Ethical Superstore!

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