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Conscious Consumerism Equals Conscious Fashion 

This is just a quick update first. I'm using Tim Fargo's Social Jukebox with Twitter. I think it's amazing! If you're on Twitter I hope you will check it out and see if it fits with what you're doing. I did it with Conscious Magic and then with How To Be Hippy              

Fashion Conscience 

Fashion Conscience is a really cool website for conscious fashion, clothes or apparel. Not sure which word to use. 
I don't know if these are actually top range 'fashion', like arty living-dead runway models. It's much cooler.

It's pretty cool to be a hippy now anyway. They call it 'boho-chic', or 'hipster' don't they!  

Ethical fashion and taking a mindful and global view, is very much the direction in which all businesses are heading. 

Being a 'hippie' IS NOT 'a state of mind'. It's about what you DO.

Fashion Conscience have a massive sale on now! It's listed on the first page so you can have a look and see what you like! 
Fashion Conscience is one of the best, if not the very best conscious fashion websites because it has so many of the coolest eco-conscious fashion brands on there that you can buy!
Look at the 'Brands' tab at the top of the page! There's tons! Some of the most well-known ethical fashion brands include People Tree, Komodo, Skunkfunk, Nomads, Mata Traders, Bibico, Vivienne Westwood.
Everything n there is eco-conscious, organic, vegan, fair trade
We can definitely do this you know! Especially when they're on sale!

These are a few ideas. But there's so much there! You have to look: shoes, bags, accessories. It's mostly
womens wear! You'll be mind blown! 

There's not much in the way of kids or men's stuff, sadly! Some people have unhappy lives. But there's some accessories and presents for them. So they won't be left out. 
You can say, look at all my lovely clothes, and I got you this hat! 💗        

Buy some clothes! Enjoy yourself with the Fashion Conscience Sale!   

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