Annoying People, How To Be An Affiliate Marketer & How To Get Tons of Followers For Nothing

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This is a long but good update on the original post below.

Being a solo-entrepreneur is hard. But life is for learning. Everyone needs other people, but it's more important to say affirmations as best you can, as if someone else was saying the things you need to cheer you up. Unless it's really bad, I don't think you need to be moaning to people, taking their energy for attention. Everyone's got their own problems. They might not be in the mood themselves and they often don't know the right answer, so they can make you worse. I really think it's better to look up, to the people who DO know the answer, because they understand and they've got the things you want. People with profound expertise like....

Jim Rohn 

I hope you like this video below. It's only 10.30 minutes long. I've been listening to it repeatedly. It's Jim Rohn who created the company 'Herbalife' He died in 2009, but he was one of those who really understood Law of Attraction. It's straight from the Bible too. 

Jim Rohn is so kind and funny and you can feel the magic in it. People do mess you about and take your energy. We're only human, but it's always the momentum of our own will and strength and dedication that wins out.  

The story in the video, the way it unfolds, the momentum, that's the way it's happened to me in my business. 
People who are going to buy things, they just go ahead and buy them. They don't tell you they might do, they like it or they're 'gonna', and it's true with your family or anybody. 
If they're going to love you/help you/cooperate with you in any way, they just will, but if they're all over the place, you'll never really be able to encourage them, understand it properly or fix it. 

This is another one I've used. It's amazing, if you want it! It's a Herbalife seminar on Goal Setting. You can miss out the beginning and end and just go through the goal setting where Jim is talking. This is really how you decide and set, what you want, and other things come into alignment then. 

We need to actively use our imagination about things that have never happened to us before, that because they've never happened, we can't naturally imagine. We're imagining the same norm all the time.  

Jim Rohn knows about money and how to think about it in a tuned in way, and he's holding your hand, walking you through it. This is long but it's REALLY COOL! 

Anyway! THERE'S NO MESSING ABOUT GOING ON HERE! So if you are someone who does buy the type of things I sell, already, or knows they would, if they saw the right one, OR if you're a small business like mine and you want to, sign up to my list to get a Free Natural Cures Ebook!

If you have a new small business and you want to offer your email subscribers a free e-book too like I've done with this, I got the e-book from Master Resale Rights. They're cheap books that you get the right to sell as your own even though you didn't write them, but businesses usually can buy them and give them away as free gifts/incentives to the customers.

Original Post. 

Skim and scroll to the parts you want if you like. This is about:-
1. Love and annoying people,'trolls', on Twitter and in life
2. Co-operation, Personal Responsibility and making updates in life
3. Affiliate Marketing - what I do, and basically How You Can Do it, if you want to try it too 
4. How To Get Loads of Twitter Followers, Easily Peasily, For Free, Like Breathing
If you want more, and you don't know how, this is how I did it.

An Act of War : Trolls, Love, Co-operation and Responsibility 

Love is the most destructive act of war.

You don't need to have anything much in common with people to get on with them. You always can see and feel a connection. Most people are real and lovely and what I call 'normal', but if you haven't noticed, there's also people walking amongst us from the planet Rude. According to NASA, it's in the Ridiculous galaxy, and part of the What The Jesus Cluster!   

I've been getting some head messers, which can get you down. That's why they do it! But it also means you're great, right! Woo hoo!                                                                        
It's part of life! You can have people you're close to who are like that too, but you're exposed to more people on social media. These are my Twitter accounts for anyone not coming from there How To Be Hippy and Conscious Magic. I've got about 23,000 social media followers altogether in different places now. I can't imagine what it must be like for people with hundreds of thousands of followers. 

I know it's because they're in a bad mood and taking it out on you and it's like a cry for help, but stubbornness is the killer, and if you try and make it better at all, they just go worse
They've got used to handling their feelings like that and that's their personality really. It's got nothing to do with you and they subconsciously want you to not 'let' them do it.  
But it's not a 'real' thing. It's a cosmic thing. 

Getting angry is the sign that you need to make a change. Wherever you're both at, both of you need to step up your act, but they're a lot less likely to, and the only thing you can do is say no, try not to let it get you down, and set an example. To do that, you need to have your own structures and personal rules in place. So, I've made some changes and I've closed the comments on this blog too.

So Yeah, Politics                            

I think politics, and the news, is just the same. Like a massive, draining head game, that only causes frustration.
You're arguing the toss. This fella's better than that fella. You don't know anything that's going on really. This thing/person's like that! and that thing/person's like this!
There's nothing you can do, but find your own way and your own power. You can't count on people to be nice to you. There's no point thinking they should. Whoever they are. 
Thinking in terms of one person, or one thing, in opposition to another, is 'duality' and all this pedantic arguing the toss and chunnering on about this and that, is an outward expression of the panicking 'critical parent' going on in the head. 
The news is just gossip! Politics is always busy doing nothing! Like our brains.

It's because you think you need people that you let them take responsibility for you and help you. Because you're scared to do it by yourself. 
We can just do our best, in our own lives instead. If we can go with what God/the universe really wants us to do, growing through pain and negativity can be a massive lever to really revolutionize your life and other people's.

How Big Social Changes REALLY Come About!

MOST of the people that actually make proper improvements and cause big social change aren't even IN the governments! Think of UNICEF, CAFOD, Greenpeace, Medecines Sans Frontieres, OXFAM, Friends of the Earth, Amnesty International, VSO...well there's TONS more organizations like that now! And it's also been individuals, obviously like MLK, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Florence Nightingale, but also tons of other leaders, scientists, writers, and spiritual teachers like Jesus and lots of others.

They just decided to leave all that alone and do it themselves, their own way. When Governments ever do make a change I think it's because they're trying to save face, because they're being made such a show of by all these other people. We're here to grow! That's why! There's always people who really help you, and when you step up into your own personal power, the annoying ones can come around too, if you still want them.               


Energy is always seeking balance. It's a mistake to think you can 'win' over someone else, especially someone weaker. That's just not the way things work. The thing is, that a lot of what we do, especially the negative stuff,  is instinctual, not rational and has to be reprogrammed. I know affirmations, self development and hypnosis work and positive thinking, but some things are just a matter of self acceptance and honesty. When anyone changes for the better, it has an encouraging effect on other people.  Even though in 'reality' a lot of things seem to be a mess, there's so many people on the case now, that things could actually change worldwide! You have to believe it!

I'm An Affiliate Marketer. This is For You If You Want To Have A Go At Doing It Too. 

Now about affiliate marketing. I'm an Affiliate Marketer. That means I get commission from sales of the sites and products I promote. Even if I've sent people to a site through an article, if they buy anything, anywhere on that site, I'll get a percentage in commission. Almost all of my links on social media are to companies I have an affiliate partnership with.

Joining Affiliate Programs

If you want to do the same thing, whether full time of just for extra money, you can join a website's 'Affiliate Program' a lot of sites don't have them, but most that do, have a link, usually at the bottom of the page that says 'Affiliate Program', 'Affiliates', or 'Sign up for our affiliate program'. Sometimes they do have one, but it's not displayed, so if there's a site you really love, you can try googling something like 'myfavouritewebsite affiliate program'.

Some of them have their own affiliate programs set up, and it's really straightforward, but others handle their affiliate programs through 'Affiliate Networks' like Shareasale, Click Bank, Commission Junction, Linkshare, which are more complicated. If it's the first time you've done this, you might not wanna go there. It might be better to fill in an individual site's affiliate form. See what you think.

You Don't Need A Website

The main thing is they all mention about putting links on  'your website', but you don't really need a website. The more up-to-date people know that. If they want to know where you'll be posting the links, put in your social media URL (s).

They'll give you one or more links to their site, with a cookie on them personal to you (You Need  their 'Click Link', Not the 'HTML' code) and  then just shorten them with a link shortener like Bitly and stick them on your social media! Gorgeous coolness loveliness, after all the the frustration, a smiling face, and maybe a bit more cash! 

If You Get Stuck

If you get stuck, they usually have an affiliate manager you can email to ask what the hell's going on, politely, or I learned a lot from lovely people on you tube videos, like 'how to do affiliate marketing' or 'what is affiliate marketing' Try different ones, some will be over your head and annoying. Just move on to someone who explains it simply. There's some lovely kind people. They're doing it with you,  just stop and start the videos as you need to. 
I hope you can do your best with what I've said, if you want to have a go.

How To Get Yourself Loads Of Twitter Followers, The Way I Got 17,700 in a year and 4 Months, For Nothing!                                                                    

My first tweet was on 13th August 2014. Since then I've got 17,700 followers on Twitter. I can get about 50 a day. I've told people this on a one-to-one and they've ignored me and carried on the same, but I'm fed up seeing so many people selling things with no followers. So I'll tell whoever wants it what I did and if you like my ideas and you want to get loads more like that too, that's cool.

Why I Think it's important To Grow Your Followers

If you just want to connect with other people, you might not want any more followers, but most people do anyway. Bigger is very often better, don't believe the hype! Especially if you are selling things, I think you really need more followers. You're connected to more people, more people see what you're selling. It stands to reason. Twitter started putting tweets from people we're not following in our notifications last year, that we 'might be interested in' but most of the content of your notifications is your followers tweets. So obviously they can see yours, in theirs. 

It's been frustrating me seeing people selling things, with a business, but hardly any followers. Some people just know this and others are sitting there, doing thousands of tweets, trying to get attention, interrupting people with mentions, but not trying to get any new followers, or otherwise buying ads and doing other shady things to get them.

I also see people advertising to get followers. and you can see that their followers-to-followed ratio is massively unbalanced and they've got themselves in a bind, and now they're paying for adverts. It's commonplace on Twitter for people to unfollow all the time, because you didn't follow them back. They do the same thing as me. Everyone wants the same thing. You don't need to feel obligated to follow back, but if you don't, you'll probably lose them.

What To Do To Get Loads of Followers This Week! (I don't do follow-back now. The dynamic changes when you get more momentum, but I think it's still a cool idea when you start)

If you want followers:

1. Follow people. 
2. Wait for a few days. 
3.Then go to the bottom of your following (the ones you followed) list, and Unfollow the ones that didn't follow you back. 

You don't need anything fancy like adverts or anything else! That's all you do! Keep doing that regularly every few days. 
If you follow too many at a time, you might get stopped by Twitter, but they tell you it's ok, just unfollow a few and wait till more have followed you. It depends what your follow to followers ratio is, how many you can follow at a time, and the way they calculate that is individual, but do push it a little bit. Keep it circulating regularly all the time. Don't sit there waiting for anyone, they might not be active then and you could always end up following them again in the future if it's someone in your interest group.  

If your followers list is pretty long already, you can use an unfollow app like Manageflitter You can do this process on some other social media platforms too, but it's a much bigger effort and drama to do this with Facebook. I got some likes that way, you tend to have to ask them to swap likes, but if you're a new business with no money for Facebook ads, I would recommend using your energy where it's easy.

If  You Want To Offer To Do #Followback Too (I don't do #followback now. It's still a cool idea, but things change and you get more insight as you go along.)     

On 20th of July I started my Conscious Magic account. I leveraged my How account, and I made it really obvious I wanted Followbacks. I've got 5,686 followers on there up to now from doing that. I follow people all the time as well and I only do Mutual Follow, so if they don't follow back, I unfollow. I don't follow every person who's followed me though. You have to put yourself out there to say that, and obviously there's a couple of messers isn't there. 

As In Life, When You Say #Followback, You're Talking About Reasonable Offers

Anybody I like or who's who's ok I follow back but if I don't want to, I don't. You're mainly going on vibes, subtle bits of information. Like if I can't tell what they're doing or what they're like, I can usually tell if I look at the accounts they have followed. I go on my feelings and if I can't tell what they're doing or saying, if they haven't done anything, or if it feels wrong, or like an insult, I just leave it. I make my mind up quick and do some faves. You do have to go on your own feelings for each one. It's up to yourself what you do.

It's mostly cool, and I get cool people doing follow back, that I wouldn't have known were there. You've both given each other something you wanted. That's a good way to start a connection.

Looking At Who To Follow Myself              

If you're looking at things in terms of balance, which I think we should, people with tons more followers than they're following, aren't likely to follow you back either. Those who never like or retweet anyone, will of course never like or retweet you. If you're selling something, I don't think you don't want all followers doing the same thing as you, because you're all preaching to the converted, and trying to sell each other the same thing that you've already got. 

When I'm picking accounts to follow, I usually pick one account I really like and choose some of their followers, because they're often have the same interests.


Because I'm regularly following accounts I like, and do the #Followback thing too, I get a mix of followers that I've picked, and those who've picked me. Sometimes they just saw the followback sign and want a follower. I think there's no harm in following people back if they're ok. It's a win-win, You might be really busy, and everyone has to prioritize what they do with their time.

So that's how I did it, and I've only just started. You're always updating what you do as you learn. Experienced social media people give more in-depth advice about how to get followers that I've learned loads from, like tweeting at the right times, using hashtags you need to get the right people to see you, loads of stuff like that. Read what they say! Social Media Examiner is cool but that's just one suggestion. Read and watch loads of things.

I know those things make it better too, but I do prefer things simple and straightforward, and if you want to make a big difference to your followers right away just start doing this.  Also, I've said it a lot, but Tweet Jukebox (this is now Social Jukebox) is really cool too - sustainable social media, if you haven't checked it out. It's made such a massive difference to me.                   

So that's how I got followers like breathing, a cycle. Like I say,
17,700 Twitter followers in a year and 4 months. For nothing. You could get a hundred new followers this week! and every week!

If that's what you want and it applies to what you're doing that's cool. You have to be patient too, but if you do that properly you'll get so many right away you won't believe it!  

Thanks for reading and for accepting any of it if it's right for you. Even if its not, keep the faith, and a look out, whatever situation you're in, because it's true, there's always someone there, exactly placed in their life, to help you in the perfect way! 

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