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Heartmath UK

The Heartmath Solution                    
Post Update: I wrote this ages ago. Now, as well as Heartmath UK I'm also with in America, so you can buy things from there too if it's easier. I only have one link for Heartmath UK, but I can send you to specific places on the site with So clickthis highlighted linkto see a video about their main products emWave and Inner Balance and you can check out their Practitioner's and Coaches Training Programshere. Here are Heartmath'sbooksand for their Products for Children and Teenagersclick here. You can listen to their Webinars instantly at the Bottom of the Page too! I've done some and they're really cool! I hope you'll check it out!

You might have already heard of HeartmathorThe Heartmath Institute.Heartmath is a leader into research involving the heart-mind connection and it's relationshipwith stress. The Heartmath solution involves mental/emotional thinking tools which they offer free…