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How To Be Hippy? Or Happy? All of us? - Conscious Consumerism.

Hello Hippies,Conscious ConsumersAnd Everyone Else!Thanks For Being Here!What Is A Modern Hippy?I think it’s anyone with a clever mind and a fierce heart, a conscious consumer, in many ways, who designs their life from a place of natural human integrity.
What Is Conscious Consumerism? My aim is to promote conscious consumerism and other hippy practices . I’m sure you know what it is. It's the conscious decision to only deal with, and consume things that benefit ourselves and everyone, whether it’s food or thoughts. Hippies like natural things, kindness and authenticity. They know the effect we have on each other, they live from the heart and they don’t get sucked into stupidness and ridiculousness, however prevalent it is.

Look How Conscious Consumerism Has Grown. You can see the rise of conscious consumerism everywhere. It’s continued to rise where other markets have failed. The very fact that there’s an economic and environmental crisis means people have turned to recycling, upcyc…