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Human Needs, Hypnosis and Meditation

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Why I Think Spiritual Practice and Meditation and Personal Development and Hypnosis All Have the Same Effect, Why We Need Them, and Some Cool Ideas You Might Not Know About.The Universal Human Needs
The universal most basic human needs identified by ancient and modern teachers have always been defined in similar ways. The psychologist Abraham Maslow's definitive Hierarchy of Needs, and other people's definitions,are more or less the same as the energetic needs and purposes of the major chakras, defined thousands of years ago in the Hindu, Yogic/Tantric texts. You can't really explain these in a couple of pictures though!
HypnosisDownloads.comalsohave another excellent, updated and detailed explanation of human needs on their site.See the Hypnosis Downloads definition of basic human needs hereandTony Robb…