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Conscious Fashion

Conscious Consumerism equals Conscious FashionThis is just a quick update first. I'm using Tim Fargo's Social Jukebox with Twitter. I think it's amazing! If you're on Twitter I hope you will check it out and see if it fits with what you're doing. I did it with Conscious Magic and then with How To Be Hippy
Fashion ConscienceFashion Conscience is a really cool website for conscious fashion, clothes or apparel. Not sure which word to use. 

I don't know if these are actually top range 'fashion', like arty living-dead runway models. 

It's pretty cool to be a hippy now anyway. They call it 'boho-chic', or 'hipster' don't they!Fashion Conscience have a massive sale on now. It's listed on the first page so you can have a look and see what you like!