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Conscious Fashion

Conscious Consumerism = Conscious FashionAnd about my other brand Conscious Magic further down the page.UpdateIts been a while. This is just a quick update. I'm doing a proper post soon. I'm using Tim Fargo'sSocial Jukebox@alphabetsuccess with Twitter. I think it's amazing! If you're on Twitter I hope you'll see if it fits with you. I did it with Conscious Magic on Twitter  (the links take you there) and then with How To Be Hippy on Twitter as well.               

I'm on different social media and forums with them both. If you see me I'll follow you back. I think Facebook's a hard place to get likes and put your focus on, now, when you're just starting (I'm sure you'll agree if you're in the boat) However, I know it's still got the credibility factor. So If you want to swap page likes there, I would put virtual kisses all over it - Conscious Magic on Facebookand How To Be Hippy on Facebook

Fashion ConscienceFashion Conscience is…