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Hello! This is about Ethical Fashion!

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I feel amazing wearing ethical fashion clothes, and it's not just the thought of it. You can tell that they have a different energy to them, and unless you're talking about real dirt cheap fashion, it's not true at all that ethical fashion is more expensive. Because ethical fashion can easily 'compete' now. 
The clothes are just the same sort of prices as other clothes, especially when they're in a sale. 
If you want to start buying ethical fashion, all of it is here, and you can get them in the sales. 
Ethical fashion is always especially cool and gorgeous.

I've got some of the coolest ethical fashion partners. I thought I'd show you some together in one post. I'm going to show you:
FashionConscience Thought GreaterGood WeWood Wooden Watches Etsy EthicalSuperstore TOMS
Novica Gunas Frugi 
and some Ethical Fashion School Uniforms!

Conscious consumerism has been massively on the rise for some time. Being more mindful, cooperative, green and ethical is almost the norm. 
Due to all the economic problems, we've had to help ourselves and each other become more free, natural and self reliant. Ethical Fashion is a part of the movement, and the rise of Ethical Fashion is a part of this wave of change.  

Value and Convenience

Nobody's perfect, but all of us want to go in a better direction in different ways. It's not always in a bad way, but people make money out of the fact that we want convenience. 

Convenience can be unhealthy, nihilistic and destructive. Everything and everyone gets cheaper and cheaper.

What we're looking for is simplicity, peace and ease, but that's not the same thing as convenience. Everything we do affects everything else that happens. It's the problems we've caused through neglect that are inconvenient.
Because we've had so many problems worldwide there's a deeper understanding of what's important and valuable, long term, and we're more aligned with the holistic way of thinking. The way you value yourself is when you'll only accept valuable things. Valuable doesn't mean expensive either. 

We know there's fair minded, straightforward, sensible people, rich and poor, everywhere and there always has been! We've become more determined, and ethical fashion, and the whole green and ethical, and conscious living movement has flourished in a historic way.

Sales and Special Offers

Some of these sites have sales on now, though they start and end on different dates.They all have sales periodically, and different special offers all the time. 
I won't be keeping up with them all. This post will still be here and I'll update the links when I need to, so you should be able to see what they've all got going on whenever you look.

Fashion Conscience 

Fashion Conscience is a really cool ethical fashion website, that showcases all the most well-known designers! I've written about them before. See my earlier post about Fashion Conscience by clicking here OR go straight to the website and shop the Fashion Conscience Sale by clicking Here! 
Are you a vegan? 
At the moment they've got up to 50% sale on loads of their Vegan Shoes and Sandals!

Thought Clothing 

Thought Clothing (used to be called Braintree) are absolutely Gorgeous! Obviously all these clothes are true, pure, organic, fair trade, incredible quality, but Thought also have exceptional Sales!

Thought is one of the top, most well known ethical fashion companies, along with Nomads, People Tree, Patagonia and others. Fashion Conscience and Ethical Superstore both stock a range of clothes from these companies and designers, as well as some less well known ones. The clothes are beautiful! You won't believe their Sales Prices! Get yourself something quick! Click here!

Greater Good

The Greater Good Foundation supports TONS of causes on several different websites:- The Animal Rescue Site; The Hunger Site; The Rainforest Site; The Diabetes Awareness Site; The Autism Site; The Breast Cancer Site; The Earth Site, The Alzheimers Site and The Veterans Site and The Literacy Site. 
You can find links to shop at any of their sites at the bottom of the pages, and use the filters at the side. They have a good range of Plus Size Clothing too, and tons of offer, as well as buy one, give one, with some of their coats and shoes. If you want to sign petitions you can be doing that all day! I used to do it a lot! But it's much better for me to help them like this. 

You can also just click on the 'click-to-give' buttons on any of the sites if you want to, for free, as there are entities that will count your click as a vote and donate some money to them every time you do.

There's tons of stuff on each of the Greater Good Sites. But in the picture on the right is an example of one of their bargains that I think is cool. It's a 12 Pack of women's pink, black and white Organic Cotton Fair Trade T Shirts from India made by a Franciscan Nuns Coop that supports disabled women and farmers. At the moment they're On Sale for $45.80. You have to pick ones that are all the same, but they're perfect to buy wholesale if you've got a business, or for if you're with a group of women and you want to put a logo on them!
Here are some more Greater Good Sites Clothes at The Earth Site but like I say, there's tons, and that's only the clothes! I'll be writing loads more about Greater Good.

Handmade Wooden Watches 

Handmade wooden watches are extra cool and stylish to have and wear for yourself or to give as a special present. 
They're natural, hypoallergenic and more biodegradable. Many wooden watches are extra eco-friendly and give back to earth causes. There's a big selection of wooden watches at Etsy. A lot of the wooden watches at at Etsy can be engraved with personalized messages too! 


Etsy is AMAZING jewelry and clothes. Handmade, upcycled and vintage is a massive part of this movement. Small business handmade people are always lovely too. They inspire the JEYSUS out of you, or into you. Depending how you look at it! 

There's a feeling of community and connection when you buy something handmade, and when you say to them "I love it. Thank you", they know what you mean. It's full of kindness and individuality and creativity. It's unique and it's yours. I'm linking you straight to the Etsy Upcycled/recycled ClothesIf you buy anything from anywhere on Etsy after going through one of my links I'll make a commission too.

Shop Local!

A Conscious Consumer will shop locally and online. It's always good to have alternatives and other cool, specialist handmade sites. I mentioned Ethical Stores (not to be confused with Ethical Superstore, my partner who I'm also talking about here) in this post here, and I also think Remade in Britain is cool. (Neither of those are affiliate links) and I've noticed several of sites in the US that sell US only handmade goods, and I'm sure, and I hope it's like that in other countries/communities too. 

Because I think that protecting your own personal autonomy as well as your local or cultural economy is important, in that it puts you in an empowered position where you are able to be more cooperative with those outside it.

Ethical Superstore 

Ethical Superstore is MIND BLOWING! Their integrity is incredible! and they've got everything! They're a UK company who are considerate of the carbon footprint costs of shipping, so they only are only able to serve the UK and Ireland. However delivery is free when you spend £50! 
You will love Ethical Superstore if you're in the UK. Of course I'm showing you to their Ethical Fashion Sale Here, but have a look at their ordinary sales on all products too. And don't be fooled by the "1,2,3, next" pages. The pages go on forever. Click here to see their ethical fashion sale or go to the Main Ethical Fashion Section and filter your searches.


TOMS are most well known for their shoes. Every time you buy a pair they give a pair to a child who needs some! They also sell gorgeous Bags! The sales of which go towards helping women in poverty give birth to their babies safely. Profits from TOMS sunglasses give the gift of sight, by poor people to people medical treatment for their eyes.
I hope you'll have a look and buy some if you like them!
 Click here to see my Blog Post about TOMS Shoes Sale!!


Gunas. Completely gorgeous, kind, positive, all Vegan Bags. Shoes as well! You just want to eat them! If you haven't got any money you'll have to get some. Special girls, STRUT that ethical, baby, lovely woman, GORGEOUS thing! No animals killed. No nobody nothing. WHO does she think she is! Click the pictures or my text links to check them out and buy one!


I'm so proud to be linked with Novica. Like Greater Good, It's hard to know where to start or what pictures to put up. In fact, you can see some of Novica's goods on the Greater Good sites! as they are partnered with them and National Geographic!

Novica supports artisans all over the world to produce their own unique traditional crafts, and they treat their artisans with true respectThe crafts and clothes are stunning quality. You can see and read the artists profiles where they talk about their craft, their small business and how they got involved with Novica. Click and have a look and see if you want to get something! You can always come back here too.


OMG!! Where's my Purse! But what about The KiddiesYes, we better not ignore them!

Frugi is in Cornwall, England, but they ship worldwide. They've won loads of awards. It's absolutely by far the most lovely site I've seen for Kids clothes and Babies clothes Everything is Organic and they support charities too. 

Frugi has tons of cool stuff and their sales prices are completely mind blowing! These things can be done! 

Also, if you start feeling a bit 'shellfish' while you're picking out clothes for the babies, they've also got gorgeous organic clothes for mums as well!! Click my links and pictures to check them out and buy some!

Ethical Superstore School Uniforms

Green and hippy/crunchy mums and dads may want to have healthy, organic and ethical clothes for their kids to wear in school!
Ethical Superstores have cool Ethical Fashion School Uniforms offered and shipped exclusively to the UK and Ireland. Click on the pictures and any of my highlighted text links!


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