20 Best Gifts For A Hippy

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Is there someone in your family who you wish would just go along with what everyone else is doing. But they've always got to be difficult and superior? Or is that you? Are you the one! 

Well, hippies are usually nice, open minded and funny, but they are completely committed to what they do.

Even when they want to,  people are embarrassed to become like a different person.

They don't often do things out of their own will. 

Things change and become normal because they have to, and because people go along with whatever their peers and the majority are doing, and then they act as though it was their idea all along.

It's very hard to imagine things we've never known!

Whatever our lives are like, we could make absolutely massive changes and have no idea now, what they will be!

Here's some of the best gifts I can think of for gorgeous, wonderful, loving hippies and greenies! Or if you just want to get something for that annoying one! 
They're not in any proper order of importance, because they's all equal, right!


If you don't usually shop online because you want it to be secure, you might want to use PayPal. You can set up an account and transfer a bit of money in there. Not all sites use PayPal, but a lot do, and it's something you've got from then on. It might not be the most ethical thing ever, but you'll be doing good, and it makes it so easy to do then.

1. CRYSTALS!! NUMBER ONE!! Check these stunning Flame Aura Quartz and Opal Aura Quartz pieces from Exquisite Crystals and their Stunning Amethyst Collection! You can also get something from the mind blowing ranges at Energy Muse and Shamans CrystalsChoose your favorites and buy them babies! 

2. GREATER GOOD KIDS TOYS! Greater Good supports tons of amazing causes. It's so cool! and there's tons of amazing kids toys! Click on any of these. I'll get paid a percentage from anything you buy there.

4. A YOGA GIFT CERTIFICATE!  Click here to get one! You can find out and See what Yoga Downloads do here.

5. TOMS SHOES AND SUNGLASSES They've got Kids and Baby's Shoes there too! Free Standard Worldwide Shipping! All you pay for is what you bought! Get some TOMS here!

6. A Solar Lighter! Only $19.95! How cool would you be! This is Solar Sphere's most popular item!
7. A Solar Phone Charger! Here are three different ones 1. $56.99 2. $38.99 3. $85.95
8. This one is a Solar Lamp and Phone Charger in one $44.95 from Eartheasy. See the video! 
9. Little Sun Solar Lamp for Kids! $32.95!
10. A Solar Cooker! I think GoSun is a really nice company! and the best! If you've wanted a solar oven, go for it!

11. HIPPY CHOCOLATES. Somebody bought me these recently to cheer me up. And yeah they did! They're called Booja Booja. Here they are at Planet Organic, and at Ethical Superstore, who only deliver to the UK. Here's some other classic hippy chocs here, only delivered to the UK, and more here at Planet Organic.

12. KA GOLD JEWELRY. Stunning hand made symbolic spiritual jewellery. The profits from these ones here go to environmental causes.

13. BOOKS. You're not cool if you're not a little bit geeky too. We love to learn about the things we're into. Hay House self development books;  Chelsea Green Sustainable Living Books;  Shambhala Spiritual Books.

14. WALL HANGINGS and TAPESTRIES Novica's are the very best! Choose your price and other criteria at the side.

15. ETHICAL JEWELLERY. These Our Green House Fair Trade Friendship Bracelets are a lovely versatile present! Novica's beautiful handmade Women's Jewellery here and Men's Jewellery here. You can select price range and style at the side. 

16. SOOTHI'S HANDMADE JOURNALS are a unique present too! and check out their jewelry!

17. ESSENTIAL OILS. Good for everything and everyone loves them! Here are the Organic Essential Oils at Neals Yard and Planet Organic.

18. HEARTMATH INNER BALANCE. You can Find out about it here, and read my previous Blog Post about Heartmath here

19. TAROT CARDS. Like anything, it's about the way you think of it, you have to learn about it, and you've got to try not be dependent on it. The modern oracle cards like Angel cards usually have their explanations with them. It's nice to buy cards for someone as a present and do it with them. Angel and other Oracle Cards here. Classic Tarot Cards here.

20. INCENSE. Here, Here, or Here. There's some nice Christmas Frankincense and Myrrh here too.

Etsy Handmade

P.S! You can buy a lot of these things on Etsy. 
If you/we don't support and encourage each other, big businesses will get more and more control over the economy, which affects our whole lives. 

Etsy shops are always open. 
There's no stress, no standing in a queue, and you can decide and get your shopping without going out.

But you have to pick them out in time for Christmas, or any event. 
Etsy is worldwide. Change it to your country and currency at the bottom. 
Shop on Etsy through one of these links now: 

Christmas Cards 
Toys and Games 
Incense  Clothes  
Jewelry  Crystals  
Bath and Beauty  
Bags and Purses

Don't forget, there's loads more cool ideas for gifts, as well as personal development, art, natural health and sustainable living products all over this blog, and my social media!

Have a cool Christmas! Love and peace x


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