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Annoying People, How To Be An Affiliate Marketer & How To Get Tons of Followers For Nothing

This is a long but good update on the original post below.I've tried it different ways, but the RoundTeam idea's not working out at the moment for me. I'm still re-thinking it. I've been a bit stuck, but, as it goes, I've also sorted a lot out too! I think, as well as it being 'real', it's Saturn in Sagittarius and the March eclipses!

I've tidied up some of my affiliate partnerships and other 'affairs'. I've had, and still got some computer probs. Technology is really not my thing, but I'm sorting that out and writing a few more proper blog posts on paper. Sometimes I need to slow down and be quiet, learn some more about all this and get my head straight withpersonal development

Life is for learning. Everyone needsother people, but it's more important to say affirmations as best you can, the same as if someone else was cheering you up. Unless it's really bad, I don't think you need to be moaning to people, taking their ener…