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Hypnotherapy Downloads & Opportunities For Professional Counsellors & Therapists

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This is about Uncommon Knowledge and their sites:HypnosisDownloads.Com;Uncommon PractitionersandUncommon Practitioners TV!At the bottom of all this post isatable of theirTop 100 Hypnosis Audios,foranyone,and alsosome cool ideas from them for people who areCounselling or Hypnotherapy Practitionersand any other kinds ofProfessional Therapists and Coaches.

I signed up as an affiliate withHypnosisDownloadsbecause,like most or all of the things I promote,I've actually used it, orsomething the same, myself.
Hemi-SyncIt was time for me tomake a big change a couple of years ago. I was doing the free hypnosis and meditations on You Tube, but then I came by aHemi-sync audio,made by The Monroe Institute, and I wasusing that every day.