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20 Best Gifts For A Hippy

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Is there someone in your family who you wish would just go along with what everyone else is doing. But they've always got to be difficult and superior? 

Or is that you? Are you the one! 

Well, hippies are usually nice, open minded and funny, but they are completely committed to what they do.

Even when they do want to,  people are embarrassed tobecome like a different person, and they don't often do things out of their own will.

Things change, and become normal, because they have to, and because people go along with whatever their peers and the majority are doing, and then they act as though it was their idea all along.

It's very hard to imagine things we've never known!

Whatever our lives are like, we could make absolutely massive changes and have no idea now, what they will be!

Here's some of the best…