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This is about alternative media, and there's some COOL FREE FILMS to watch when you scroll down! Check out the films and have a look at the sites! 
We have to be conscious of what we're giving our time to, and why. We should know from history and what we've learned about human psychology, that ideas can be communicated to us in subtle ways, and because we tend to copy each other, through mass cultural memes, to make us buy, or 'buy into' things that are absolutely no good.

But I'm glad I know that, because I'm selling things myself now! hahahaha! Evil laugh. 
Now people can, and have, set up alternative media sources related to their own interest groups, beliefs and interests. So there's tons of alternatives. 

You can choose for yourself what to watch, read, listen to and believe.

Media Mind Control: Social media is media. 

There's infinite room for new ideas and no need to keep saying that we're stuck, spreading and repeating the usual news and views, problems, politics, celebrity issues and gossip that are in the mainstream media already, whether it's to express public concern or criticize it. Doing that is a common, token, social ritual that makes you feel an empathic bond with other people, but contrary to common belief, it's not a sign of compassion or intelligence to always be talking about politics and yours and other people's problems, and it's often an attempt to compensate for it. Let's be brave and honest and learn, and do some good stuff instead. 

Positivity, Negativity and The Truth.

I'm a Sagittarius. We're natural Truthers, because that is a part of being positive. It's wise, not cynical or negative, to be able to see through the way things are being 'marketed'. We're all crap in different ways. We have to be OK with it. But you have to move forward from it, and you can't do that by staying in denial.

I think it's hard because you don't want say the wrong thing that's going to hurt and cause trouble, and be no good anyway. We still have to do it, and I really believe in honest communication, but expressing my own thoughts is very hard, and I know it's not just me.

I watch Ted Talks. I get their emails, and I saw this one about speaking up for yourself and others when you need to.

Beyond Off Grid - Return To The Old Paths.

This is a brand new film just released from Beyond Off Grid, and they let me be one of the first to see it and watch it for free.

It's a powerful, beautiful, intelligent film which shows the striking parallels between the events leading up to the fall of the Roman Empire, and current modern society, but unlike some other conscious films which end with a vague idea of what we should do about it, they offer a wealth of powerful answers which you can learn all about on the site.

I think a lot of the Beyond Off Grid community identify with the 'Christian Agrarian' belief. You can look that up, or just see how they do those things themselves. 

Jason Matyas and the Beyond Off Grid community can teach you pretty much everything there is to know about self sufficient sustainable living, homesteading, prepping, homeschooling, community living, natural health, and the natural family. 

The Beyond Off Grid film itself is only $10 to buy and it's really cool. It's more than worth it. You can Watch the Film Preview here And/or you can take their Summit Online Training Course for $147 on On Special Offer here! Also there's the stunning Summit Event Video Course also on On Special Offer for $197 here! 
If you can make the money and time for that, I'm sure it would definitely be worth it for you long term, if you want to learn everything you can quickly and cheaply for your self sufficient life! 

Here are some more free films/movies below, from another one of my affiliate partners
I'm not a paid Gaia website member and I haven't watched many of the free films, but I can tell it's really a inspiring site and I know it's really popular within the modern conscious community. 
Here below are some of their Free Films I watched that I think are cool. 
You can see the subscription prices on the homepage. 
They have tons of cool Yoga, Meditation, Fitness and Pilates Films too, and I think it's so cheap for what they give you.


There's a cool GMO's film below, but I want to say about that one, that I read that Monsanto have become more focused on sustainability and improving what they do. So we could be cynical about that, or realize that Monsanto becoming more pen in that way is a really positive sign of the times! It can be really hard and embarrassing for any of us to change our minds and move into big new change. Even more so when we're being 'nagged' by a lot of people. It's not just like that for ourselves, but for the people in power too. The big changes really come from what you do yourself. I hope you like the films! Subscribe to Gaia here!

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