Top 3 Coolest Ways To Celebrate Summer Solstice!

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Summer Solstice is the time to give thanks for the sun. Solstice means 'sun stands still' because it's the moment when it stops at its full force and is about to grow weaker again, as the days get darker, shorter and colder into winter, but it will come back!

We need the moon too, but we know how important the light is. Sunshine is the active life force, that makes everything grow.

In ancient times, lots of people worshipped the sun as one of the Gods, or as the one God.
There's no doubt that lots of us feel an energetic or spiritual shift at the Solstices.

Lying in the sun gives you a feeling of well-being and puts you in a natural meditative state.
Sunshine activates the production and absorption of vitamin D in the body which makes you feel happy, and a lot of people get more depressed in the winter without the sunshine
Maybe it's having more challenges with the weather and having Christmas and Winter Solstice at the same time too. But all these things go together!
Here are 3 Cool happy hippy ideas for Summer Solstice!


On the Summer Solstice in Times Square, New York, it's also National Yoga Day! Thousands of people come to do yoga together to celebrate! Watch the video!

I usually do some yoga at solstice too! I think the most appropriate and easy yoga to celebrate Summer Solstice, that most people know, is 'Sun Salutations' or 'Surya Namaskar',

Doing sun salutations energizes and balances your whole body and energy system, as it offers appreciation to the active life force that's in your body, and in all of life on earth.

If you don't know the Sun Salutations exercise at the moment, you can learn it now!
Just get on the floor and copy the postures in the diagram here, going clockwise from the top, and watch the video below, and practice til you know it! It's very easy! You can do it over and over.

I've picked a simple video for kids or anyone. Kids can do it too! There's lots more videos like this on You Tube about how to do Surya Namaskar.

If you want to learn and practice Yoga at home, here's two cool sites you can sign up with to watch their classes. See which you like the best! and Yoga Download has World Class Online Teacher Training Courses here.
Gaia also has Spiritual and Conscious Films. Check out my post about that here.
Click to see This Post I did ALL ABOUT ONLINE YOGA!


Appreciate the sun by using its endless abundant supply of free energy to power your life.
Solar Power saves TONS of money long term, and makes us much more independent. Sunshine is free and the other forms of energy we use are definitely not!

If you're in the United Kingdom, you can get stunning DO IT YOURSELF, OFF GRID Solar Panels, Kits, and tons more at Bimble Solar here. It's really the best site I've seen.
Check them out, get some and start making your own Solar Power! OFF GRID SOLAR is for motorhomes, boats, sheds and other mobile vehicles or remote buildings.

If you want to get ON GRID Solar Panels or a Solar Boiler installed IN YOUR HOME, in most cases you will need to get proper trained and qualified solar installers to do it. 
It's mostly illegal to try to do that yourself, because it's a different type of electricity that is more dangerous and attached to the main electrical grid. 
If you live in the UK and you're considering getting solar power in your home by approved installers, you can find out more and get some free quotes from Solar Guide here!

Outdoor Solar Cookers! 

How cool would a Solar Cooking Stove be, for summer! Food cooked outside quickly and entirely by the sun. Check out wonderful GoSun Solar Ovens! Watch this quick inspiring GoSun Solar Cooking Stoves video below! Check out my Blog Post about GoSun Solar Cookers here!

Solar Outside Lights and Solar Kids Toys! 

You could have some gorgeous Solar Garden Lights outside! Check these out at Ethical Superstore, shipped only within the U.K.

And look, they have cool Solar Powered Kids Toys too! You would want them yourself!

Click here to have a look at the others, and if you want them for your for you kids or for your garden get them!


In Peru, and the rest of the southern hemisphere, it's now their WINTER Solstice, so the sun's strength is coming back, and June 22 is 'Inti Raymi', The Festival of the Sun, in Peru. It's the ancient festival of 'Inti', the Inca Sun God. In ancient times the Inti Raymi final ceremony involved the sacrifice of animals and even children!

Though it was abolished by the Spanish Conquistadors, it's now, for a long time practised again, without the brutal elements! It's still revered as an amazing spiritual cultural ceremony, or more of a reenactment, and a great big party that bonds the community and shows gratitude for life.

The Ancient Inca civilization was one of the of the greatest. Although the Inca only lasted 300 years, and they never invented and used wheels, or a written language, they were a lot more advanced in general than the Mayans, Aztecs, and others, and all natural Peruvians are their descendants.

Inti Raymi is mainly for Peruvians, but tourists can go, and it's very popular! The end ceremony on June 24th looks amazing and reminds you of the Olympics! Here's a video about it below!

So, you can celebrate Summer Solstice with Yoga! Or take the plunge and Go Solar! or you can Celebrate Inti Raymi The Festival of the Sun, and help preserve world artisans traditional crafts by buying something you like from Novica's Peruvian Artisans Festival of the Sun Sale, here! Check out and see which you like, the jewelry, the clothes and the home decor.

Thank you! I hope you'll find something you want. Pass this on if you like it and have a beautiful golden Summer Solstice!

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