We're here, WE KNIT! Get used to it! How To Become a Guerilla Knitter


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I bet you've already heard of Yarn Bombing?! Also called Guerilla Knitting! Or Granny Graffiti! Well if not, you have now! See the Wikipedia Definition here! You can see what they do from the pictures! Except it's not just 'grannies'! It's all gorgeous people of any age!

Creative Pride. 

Yarn bombing has become a lovely funny form of social protest in recent years all ALL OVER THE WORLD.

They do it in towns and cities, but even in the natural environment. Rather than angry, pessimistic, or even 'peaceful', it's a surreal and friendly, cute and funny mind-check against over-seriousness, sameness and passionless and heartless order. It's not permanent and a lot of the time, they even get proper permission first, and do it for a charity or community event!

A Crafty and Creative Movement.

Apart from wanting to keep it kind and natural, the sustainable living movement wants to revive creativity and handmade and traditional crafts, because then anyone in the world can be self reliant or community reliant, make things for themselves, and have their own businesses.

Silliness is Good for You.

It's not about being 'old fashioned' or 'backward' or stupid, because of course we love the world, the internet and all things tech!  It's natural wisdom. We've made a boob and we need balance. Keeping skilled small business handmade crafts alive helps the economy and climate change problems for everyone.

Unfortunately it's very psychological too! Most of us are not used to having our own businesses and we have to be brave because there's a lot of dominant companies and negative thinking, but conscious businesses are all helping and supporting each other in an interwoven way. We have to stand up for ourselves and our peace and freedom, and there's endless help.

Now Here This! Wool and The Gang! 

One thing leads to another! This is Wool and The Gang, an inspiring and unique conscious business, they've funked up knitting, crochet and macrame skills no end! It's obviously a cool idea and they're really successful. Whether you've knitted or crocheted before or not they blow your mind! All the yarn is fair trade and incredibly eco-friendly! They make everything so easy for you to do! Whatever you want to make, they tell you what you need to do it and sell you it in Kits and you can buy whatever extras you want too.

There's gorgeous Knitting, Crochet and Macrame Kits to make things for Women, Children, Men, and Pets! You can also make amazing Bags, Decor and Shoes! There's Kits for Beginners, Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. See them all here and they ALSO have stunning and really simple video tutorials showing you how to do the whole thing! If you've already got some yarn, you can get all these patterns completely free! Just give them your email! There's a hat pattern designed by Vivienne Westwood for them FREE there TOO.

If you're thinking it's not the season for knitting/macrame, crocheting, you wouldn't believe it! There's ABSOLUTELY TONS of stuff for Spring and Summer! It's not just clothes, And NOW is the time to start doing it!!


Knitting and Crocheting is good for your mental/emotional health too! Creativity is good for you anyway. In holistic therapy creativity and emotions and self esteem go together. Lots of new knitters have described how it helped them overcome problems they'd had.

Knitting, crocheting and macrame are repetitive too! Like a mantra, affirmation, or the rosary, repetitive, rhythmic rituals are natural to our minds and encourage a calmer state!

Wool and The Gang are a really lovely company too! and they love it when you share your stories, and start, or join knitting groups if you want to.

OK. You can learn some now then! Here's 4 of the Coolest Video Tutorials! Check them out...

How To Make Three Different Styles of FRIENDSHIP BRACELET!

How To ARM KNIT a Scarf! In 20 Minutes!

How To Make CROCHETED Espadrille SANDALS!! 

Can you imagine! The Kit shows you how to make two different versions - with covered fronts and peep-toes. Like these two in the video and picture below!


There we go! Cool idea isn't it! See if you want it. Some more pictures at the bottom!

Pass this on this if you like it, with the V-shaped icon, top right! I don't know what it's called.
I hope you like it! and go for it!

Thanks for reading! Love and peace.
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