Have a £5 Family Christmas and Etsy Gifts For Under a Fiver

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I started off a '£5 Christmas thing' with my family some years ago. I said I thought we should agree to only spend £5 on each other's Christmas presents.

We didn't include the family kids presents in it.
Everyone loved it and it lasted quite a few years but fizzled out.

The £5 Christmas made us more creative because we said were allowed to make things too, even if we weren't very good at it, and it also made us think more creatively trying to see how much we could get for £5.
You can have a wonderful Christmas with expensive gifts and really enjoy them, but if it doesn't suit you, it's more in the Christmas spirit which is about deeper true happiness which comes from inside, and true kindness, which only happens where and when it matters.

Most people haven't got as much money. People go into debt out of social obligation. We want to be rich and abundant and happy. Shame and worry is the thing that stops you having an abundant life and it really can make you sick. No one likes the stress, and everyone feels equal. The presents are more thoughtful, and it's a nice, easy challenge.

In the UK we have £1 shops, which are always packed at Christmas. I think they're cool. At least we can get things if we haven't got much money. But things can often only be made that cheaply through exploitation.

Everyone has to see to their own happiness, but we want sustainable happiness, long-term and far-reaching as well as short-term, and things that happen to 'other people', left ignored and avoided, eventually affect everyone.
This image is from Sunburst Gifts who show you how to make your own thoughtful handmade gifts

Reasons To buy Handmade Instead of Mass Produced

If you buy handmade you support small businesses and your local and global economy. When we've got a choice and take it, big businesses can't get away with some of the things they do. We do have to compete with the big businesses, but often it's cheaper because handmade can be recycled/upcycled and vintage.
If you buy handmade locally, there's little or no shipping and handling costs. There's even no packaging if you buy them from a market stall and bring your own bag. Buying handmade makes you feel great and there's no stress buying them online.

Maybe you want to give the '£5 Christmas' idea, or something like it a try with your family and friends. You could try it with 5, or 10, pounds, dollars, pesos, yen, lira, or whatever the equivalent is in your currency (£5 is a small amount in the U.K.)

We don't always have to go along with things. A lot of the time we don't know what to get each other, and the other person doesn't really want it.

Being conscious means not going along with things that don't make sense. I think we can make decisions that are better for us all round. Your family and friends might laugh at you, or maybe they would like it.

Etsy Gifts For Five Pounds or Less

See if you want to get any of these from Etsy for £5 or less. Whatever you buy from anywhere on the Etsy website, I'll get paid for and so will the businesses you buy from.

You can change it to your country and currency at the bottom of any page. Top left to bottom right: 1. Fabric and felt Fox Key Rings £4.25 by Emma Productions 2. Handmade Earphone/earbuds Cases £5 by Crafty Sew Creations 3. Funny Cat coasters £4 by Buster and Lou
4. Pokemon Hidden Treasure Bath Bombs £3.75 by Becky's Bath Bombs 5. Christmas Cards with a Charm Bracelet or matching Mirror £3-5 by Drawn With a Pencil 6. Funny Quote Pencils. All different themes and colors £5 by Maple and Grace
7. Recycled Moon Notebooks by Pie Fingers £3.50 8. Mini Pictures £3.50 by Coco Rose Crafts 9. Square Heart Mosaic Notebook £4 by Recycle Me Mosaics
10. Beaded Bracelets by Ablana Studio £4.50-£5
11. Star Felt Ribbon and Button Bookmarks £1.75 12. Pencil Cases, Purses, Cosmetics and Baby Wipes Bags £4.50-£5 by Jane Henshaw Designs


HeartMath U.K. (and U.S.)
20 Best Gifts For A Hippy

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