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How cool is this dog!

Hippy Winter Solstice!!

If you believe in astrology you'll know that Mercury Retrograde, the astrological time which makes us re-evaluate what we've been doing in the past, and which causes confused communications, will be over tomorrow on Friday 22nd; we've just passed a new moon in Sagittarius (I'm a Sagittarius); and Saturn has left our sign Sagittarius, after nearly three years and gone into Capricorn.
Saturn rules Capricorn, so apparently it should be good for them and it'll be better for us all in that it'll make us get down to work.
If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well, right!

Writing and Publishing Kindle Books

I'm still carrying on with this, but the main new thing I'm doing is Writing and Publishing Kindle Books and this is the course I'm using. Click to see the video. Stefan's course "K. Money Mastery" is by far the number one course and he adds more to it all the time. His focus is providing non-fiction information books that people definitely buy, and doing it as quickly as possible to make money.

But you can use K Money Mastery to help you with any genre of writing if you've never published anything before, even if you want to write fiction, children's books, romance novels or mystery and suspense (those are the most popular books of all on Amazon).

You can go onto lots more things after this too if you want to, like turning the e-books into physical books, audio-books or using them as part of a course. It's definitely hard work though! and the money comes in gradually as you make more books but the amount you can make is endless!

People have done incredibly well with it. Can you imagine yourself with loads and loads of money? Do you want that? I think if you want to do it you will. People who do well invest in the big picture.

I've also bought and used this one by Stefan - "How To Write a Book in Less Than 24 Hours". I can't do it anything like that quickly, but that's really good too, because it shows the process in an overall way and you see that it's really not that hard and you can do it.
I'm writing the books myself and designing the covers etc, but you can also pay people to help you. This is why it's good if you don't think a good writer, or if English is not your first language. You just need to research it and publish it. Someone else will write it, who does that for a living, and The K. Money Mastery Course 
tells you how to do everything.

Click this link to watch Stefan's "K. Money Mastery" video and the "Write a Book in Less Than 24 hours" video. If you need to think about them, come back here and buy them from me.


So, there's a lot to do, and you know when you're supposed to be being productive, but you feel anxious about it so you mess about! It's normal isn't it! and you've got to have fun! I know you probably know Abraham-Hicks calls that kind of thing 'getting into the vortex'. Well I was doing that, and I watched a load of cool videos about... SNOWFLAKES!
I've put some of the videos to watch below!


Confidence is self-belief, and belief and trust in the world. Stalling is anxiety and self-doubt, which really has it's root in the way we were raised. An unhappy childhood and parenting mistakes can ruin your life. If you're not very confident and focused yourself, that negativity will go onto your children much worse. As adults we have to sort that out for ourselves, with self development and by choosing to aim for a happy life and people who accept and encourage us.

It's not acceptable any more to hit your kids or use 'corporal punishment'. But you can still ignore, insult and emotionally manipulate them as much as you like. They want you to love them and they've got nowhere else to go.

Parents can have a sense of entitlement towards their kids which carries on into adulthood, and they think it's the child who's selfish. Other kids who are given what they want as a substitute for what they need, are dis-empowered, and they also never feel happy or loved either. 

Click on the highlighted titles below to find outstanding quality hypnosis downloads that help with:

Conscious Parenting

Conscious parenting has been around for a long time, but it's massive now. I think that's because we really have an epidemic of messed up families, kids and relationships. 'Conscious parenting' or 'positive parenting' can contain different techniques, but the core principles are the same.
This is another cool product I'm selling: "The Law of Attraction For Kids". Check it out. It's really cheap, it's for kids of any age, as well as their parents, and it's really cool.

It's not just within families though that we have the wrong idea of what power really is and what works. It's a way of thinking that has pervaded society. You don't get power or happiness by making excuses and avoiding or trying to micro-manage and dominate. I think it's the same in all relationships and situations where someone is in a 'parental' position. Whether in a position of  'authority', or caring, it's the same thing. The leader provides.

Servant Leadership

So the answer to all of these things is the concept of  'Servant-Leadership'. Click to check what servant-leadership is.

There's men, women, couples, families, groups, workplaces, even whole countries where they treat each other well, and with respect. The people in positions of responsibility are servant-leaders who naturally understand that way of being. Nothing's ever perfect and when there's problems they work them out, without massive destructive dramas.

If you're a parent of kids any age or even if you have any other people in your life who can't get seem to things done and don't seem respect you, Click here to check out "The Law Of Attraction For Kids".

Snowflakes Photography

Entertainment time! I hope you'll watch these quick and love them. The first is a video by Lotus Zahra of the macro snowflake photographs of Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov to lovely music

Cool isn't it! The names are how they're categorized. This one is about how snowflakes are formed.

The one below is the best! It's about Wilson Bentley, the first man to ever photograph snowflakes. It was a very difficult thing to do at the time. His family didn't approve so there must have been arguments and he must have been freezing too, because they didn't have many resources like electricity, but he was in truly love with what he was doing, and despite everything he carried on and made it his life's work and achieved something really special.

I think inspiration, creativity and human passion, dedication and devotion to what they do is an other-worldly, spiritual thing, whether it's sport, art or science, teaching, being an amazing parent, or something else. Do you?

Have a look at the work of these stunning and exceptional creative artists below. Click on the links! If you have the money to get some, see which are the ones you would decide to buy!

Ian MCAllister WILDLIFE and LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTS. All profits benefit Wildlife Conservation.




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