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Happy Earth Day!: Diary of an Eco-spiritual-preneur: Part Whatever.

Hippy Earth Day!You can watch a FULL FREE LESSON from Dr. Jane Goodall’s Conservation MasterClass, Available to view this THIS EARTH DAY WEEK as she talks about taking small steps to save the environment. You can take Jane Goodall's MasterClass here OR Choose another MasterClass you like from here.

Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation MasterClass

This isDavid Suzuki's inspiring Earth Day Speech about how far we've come, since Earth Day was first started in 1970!
There's some EXTRA COOL ideas in this post! A lot of stuff relating to Earth Day and I'm talking about where I'm up to with things too! New Website Yeah so, I didthis thing here!and I've nearly finished my NewWebsite!...YAAY!!

...But I'm going to carry on using Blogger instead!..NAAAY!?
Wix is cool, but it's not the right bag at the moment. They've added some themes just for bloggers, but it's no good for bloggers who use affiliate marketing links, because they don't have the ability t…