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Top 3 Coolest Ways To Celebrate Summer Solstice!

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Summer Solstice is the time to give thanks for the sun. Solstice means 'sun stands still' because it's the moment when it stops at its full force and is about to grow weaker again, as the days get darker, shorter and colder into winter, but it will come back!

We need the moon too, but we know how important the light is. Sunshine is the active life force, that makes everything grow.

In ancient times, lots of people worshipped the sun as one of the Gods, or as the one God.
There's no doubt that lots of us feel an energetic or spiritual shift at the Solstices.

Lying in the sun gives you a feeling of well-being and puts you in a natural meditative state.
Sunshine activates the production and absorption of vitamin D in the body which makes you feel happy, and a lot of people get more depressed in the winter …