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Snowflakes, Art, Hippy Families and Human Devotion.

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Hippy Winter Solstice!! If you believe in astrology you'll know that Mercury Retrograde, the astrological time which makes us re-evaluate what we've been doing in the past, and which causes confused communications, will be over tomorrow on Friday 22nd; we've just passed a new moon in Sagittarius (I'm a Sagittarius); and Saturn has left our sign Sagittarius, after nearly three years and gone into Capricorn.
Saturn rules Capricorn, so apparently it should be good for them and it'll be better for us all in that it'll make us get down to work.
If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well, right!
Writing and Publishing Kindle Books I'm still carrying on with this, but the main new thing I'm doing is Writing and Publishing Kindle Books and this is the course …