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Cool Jokes From Welsh Wit And Humour By Camilla Zajac

This post contains affiliate links to other websites, meaning I'll get a percentage of any purchases you make after clicking through them.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION I'm learning from other people, and I've seen that a lot of blogs have posts of the best positive quotes, or certain types, like success quotes, or the quotes of a famous person. I think it's an easy, and good idea for a blog post. I love positive quotes, but I thought it would nice to have some jokes!

These are from the book, 'Welsh Wit and Humour' by Camilla Zajac.It's only a short, fun paperback book, part of a series, like Yorkshire Wit and Humour, Scottish Wit and Humour, etc.

They're not all exactly 'Welsh' jokes, there's some normal ones and there's riddles in it too.
Look it up if you like.I've found it here on Amazonbut that's not an affiliate link, or I'm sure you can get it from another shop or bookshop online or offline. I bought my copy from a local…