How To Detox, Choose A Better Diet, Get Rid Of Your Illnesses, and Stay Well

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It's good at the start of a new year to change some habits and I'm on a health kick! There's all different types of healthy diets, but some of the ideas are central. 
I'm going to talk about the things I've been doing, learned from and inspired by other people, and you can see if any of them are interesting to you too.


The first thing is, gluten. Gluten is a substance in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes in oats. So that includes anything made with those ingredients too. I know we sometimes joke about gluten free diets. But about 1 in 100 people have Coeliac 'disease' - a serious allergy to gluten, and we're all humans aren't we. I don't think gluten is good for us. I've been avoiding it for quite a while. I don't buy gluten free food. I've just stopped eating things like bread and cakes and other things that might have gluten in them.  


I take a few different types of supplements off and on, but the one I swear by the most is Ashwagandha and I'm taking it now. Ashwagandha is an 'ayurvedic' herb. Ayurveda is Indian natural medicine. I've been taking it for years, whenever I've felt run down. People say it has lots of different benefits. The overall psychological effect is similar to Ginseng, but I've taken that a lot before, and I like Ashwagandha better, for me. So I'm recommending it! There's some here! It just makes me feel stronger in general and more alive, but not in the 'stimulant' type of way that can make you feel 'wired' or stop you sleeping.
Physically too, it seems to affect the sacral chakra and all that goes with it. It definitely has an effect on your menstrual cycle if you're a woman, and it's not recommended at all if you're pregnant. Here's an article about Ashwagandha at Planet Organic.
Get ashwagandha capsules though, if you're going to, not the powder. I've got organic vegan capsules like the ones on this page! The first time I bought it, I got the powder, loads of it. I would mix it with milk substitute or juice and hold my nose. I thought it was absolutely disgusting beyond words! I can never forget the taste and the thought of it! So if you're going to try it, I say get the capsules!


I while back, I got interested in Joe Cross's Juice Fasting ideas. I watched 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.' You can watch it here if you haven't seen it. I thought it was cool.
I bought myself a pretty good juicer and two of Joe's books. 


I did my first juice fast for 5 days. I meant to do it for a month. On the first day, and half of the second day, I felt so sick and had an unbelievable headache. But they subsided and so did the hunger. On the fifth day, I was so hungry that Satan appeared and said it was okay to have a small can of soup. 
He said that soup wasn't much different to juice, which I thought was an interesting way to look at it, and it all went wrong from there. 

Even though he had ruined it for me, it was good practice, and I was proud of myself! I had never done a juice cleanse or fast in my life before, and I had lost 8 lbs weight in 5 days! It was easier than I thought, and I knew then that I could do it again.


It's become normal for us all to be eating crap. It's really weird isn't it. As a holistic therapist, I know that it's not just food, but that thoughts and feelings also produce natural chemical substances in the body that accumulate and affect our health too. Negative emotions, and the hormonal chemicals they leave in the body, need to be got rid of as well as changing to new thoughts and behaviors. I mentioned the natural, subtle, complex, ways we're affected by external events, thoughts and our hormones in my last post here.  


We tend to think of 'fasting' as being an extreme, dramatic thing to do, as something that you would only do if you had an eating disorder. But in fact, it's a really healthy thing to do! And it's been a great part of the world's religions and cultural traditions throughout history. Most of us know that Muslims use fasting for spiritual reasons and health reasons and also that Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights after he was baptized. 


I know you can have a lot of false starts, before you're really ready to make a change. I watched this cool video, not long ago by Subah Jain, SEE IT BELOW, where she talks about detoxing, intermittent fasting, wet packs and enemas! and I've been doing everything she said! She's really lovely, and there's so many positive comments been made on the video! Watch it now! I bet you'll be glad you did!

Take Out the Toxins from Your Body | Subah Jain


I've watched and read some things about intermittent fasting in the past. I thought it seemed too extreme at the time, but now I'm doing it I'm finding it incredibly easy! I don't know how that's happened, because I usually overeat. I think I'm just in the right frame of mind, and also think that doing the detoxing re-balances the compulsion to overeat too.

I made the wet pack, for wrapping around your body, from an old sheet. 
I don't like the wet pack, but the enemas are okay! and they're well worth it! (I'm laughing and trying not to make jokes!). 
For the enemas I use Filtered Water and I warm it up a bit first. I ordered the enema kit, online from ebay, and watched more You Tube videos about it before I tried it. There's lots of videos about people having done it. 
I know it might seem weird, but it's definitely a cool thing to do for your health. Some people do it with coffee and other things like salt too. I definitely wouldn't be interested in doing it with coffee or anything else but water. 

It makes your intestines feel so clean and fresh and empty and new, in a way I can't describe, and I've lost a lot of pounds in weight in a short time. I haven't been noticing how much properly, but it's a lot.


Everyone is alright the way they are. We all have different ways of looking at things and different backgrounds, and only we know what's best for ourselves at any time in our lives. 
Before I was vegan I was semi-vegan, and before that I was vegetarian. Some people decide to just cut down on meat, fish and animal products and other people will only eat free range and organic. 
A lot of people might be trying to cope with different illnesses too, but if you want to do it, and you can do it, it makes you feel great being vegan, there's loads of us now, it will be normal in the future, and it's one of those things that's easy when you get into it!


I'm sure you already know that there's two main reasons why people go vegan or veggie - the first is out of compassion for the animals and the way we see them and treat them, and the second is because they think it's better for their health.

We believe it's the best thing for the health of the planet too, and we don't think eating meat and fish is necessary when there's so many other, better forms of protein.

I know it makes a difference who tells you about something, as well as how they say it. 
I think this is a really good video by Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard, from this Shambhala Books blog post. 
See if you think so too! You can find out more about Matthieu Ricard and get one of his Books here! 

MATTHIEU RICARD - A Plea for Animals, the Planet and Human Beings (english)


Tony Robbins and also his wife Sage are experts in natural health and nutrition. In this video Tony talks about the 12 steps of pure energy and maximum health, and about how he helped a good friend rid herself of advanced cancer by changing her diet and mindset. He gives us an easy summary of what very healthy eating really looks like, demonstrating that it can be really very simple!

I know that you can eliminate chronic illnesses for life with a better diet. I know it's true for a fact, from my own life experiences, and there's people everywhere in the world who have done it. Sometimes you see or hear something like this, and it comes just at the right time, and even if you're already very healthy, it's good to be reminded of these things again!

If you need to turn your health situation around, Tony Robbins says that you can start right now and do these things for at least 10 days:

1.Consume 70-80% foods that are alkali-forming - like green vegetables, almonds, avocados etc

2. Limit your intake of acid-forming foods such as animal meats, dairy products, sugars etc;
3. Give your diet a boost with nutritional supplements and quality greens, such as Tony Robbins Inner Balance Pure Energy Greens;
4. Test your pH - you can find pH strips at  your local health food store or juice bar;
5. Keep it simple - add fresh lemon to your water daily;
6. Avoid living in a box. stay active and move as much as you can daily.

As a preventative health measure, we can always have a go at some of it and see how it goes. Even if it's just the lemon juice in the morning or more greens. It's good to know that it's not as hard as we think. If you need to get yourself out of a health crisis, you do have to really go for it big time, and clear the problem, or if you just want to get some more positive momentum going on your health, you can resolve to eat an apple a day or drink more water to start with. 
I don't think it matters if you go wrong and stop and start again either. You can go back in the direction of positive momentum any time you like, no matter where you're at, and even if it doesn't stick, it doesn't matter, every little thing you do, any time you do it, is positive.🍏💧

So, I've talked about gluten free food, ashwagandha, juice fasting with Joe Cross, intermittent fasting, detoxing, wet packs and enemas with Subah Jain, veganism with Matthieu Ricard, and Tony Robbins steps to pure energy and maximum health. 
I hope you found something you liked in this! Please share this for me if you did!


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