Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

How To Be Hippy: Cool Ideas For Conscious Consumers - Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

I decided to make a business presenting products and services I love, admire and/or have personal knowledge and experience of. 

So, I have partnered with what I think are the very best hippy, conscious and ethical businesses.  

Affiliate Links

Many of the links on my blog going to other websites are 'Affiliate Links', meaning that I will be paid a percentage of any purchases you make of products from anywhere on that website within a short time frame, because you got to the site by clicking through my links, and the price is still the same. 

My link has to be THE LAST persons ad or link you clicked through before you bought it, so come back and click it again if you decide to buy it later and want me to get the sale. 

Affiliate links contain a unique cookie which shows I was the last person to refer you to that website.

I hope you find some things here you like. Thanks for your interest and support. 🌼

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